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Dance Tutus: The best for all ballerinas

For several years our shop, both online and physical , has been offering a wide range of dancewear for adults and children, men and women.

In our shop you can find clothing and accessories for dance: classical, ballet body, modern, hip hop, contemporary, classical dance tutu [..], as well as accessories for disciplines such as yoga, pilates and training in general.

We have entered into various agreements with many schools, theaters and dance academies .

Our strong point is the internal tailoring that allows us to customize leotards, technical clothing and costumes for each type of show, in order to meet all the needs of our customers.


Inside our online dance shop you will find the following elements:

  1. Dance leotard : The leotard is a tight-fitting garment that covers the body and can be made with wide or thin straps, long or short sleeves. It is designed to provide support and freedom of movement during dance lessons and performances.
  2. Pantyhose : Pantyhose are stretchy garments, they are usually pink in color for ballet classes. They can be classic or convertible, i.e. equipped with a hole under the arch for dancers who already wear pointe shoes. Depending on your needs, in our shop you can also find footless tights in black, mainly used for modern dance lessons, or flesh-colored used for disciplines such as Latin or partner dances.
  3. Skirt or tutu for ballerinas : Ballet dancers often wear a small skirt over the leotard; the skirt can be short or long and made of chiffon or other fabrics. The tutulettes, unlike the skirt, is a multi-layered skirt made of tulle.
  4. Pointe Shoes : Ballet dancers wear pointe shoes, which are specially designed for pointe practice. At our shop you will find a wide range of models, designed to meet all the needs of dancers.
  5. Demi Pointe Shoes: Demi pointe shoes are made of both leather and cloth. The toes are tucked into the sole which has a soft leather platform. The insole can be whole or double drop. The double drop one is more flexible and is often used by professionals.
  6. Accessories and Headband : To keep hair out of the face while dancing, many dancers wear headbands, bobby pins, and hairnets to complete the classic bun.


Modern dance clothing is often looser and less structured than ballet clothing. Clothing choices can vary according to the choreographer’s or dancer’s style and preference, but the following are commonly used:

  1. Leotard or Top : Many modern dancers wear a tight-fitting leotard or top that allows for freedom of movement
  2. Shorts or leggings : Shorts or leggings are often used in modern dancewear, as they are soft and stretchy, they accompany the movements. Depending on the style, some dancers prefer to wear pants with a looser fit.
  3. Socks or Barefoot : Unlike ballet, where shoes are essential, many modern/contemporary dancers prefer to dance barefoot or wear non-slip socks to get a better connection to the floor.
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