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Demi pointe shoes for dance

Demi-pointe shoes are shoes specifically designed to allow dancers to perform the demi-pointe technique. Unlike traditional pointe shoes, demi-pointe do not have a rigid structure in the toe of the shoe.

Demi pointe shoes are made with a softer and more flexible sole than pointe shoes. This allows dancers to flex on the ball of the foot, lifting the heel off the ground, without having to reach all the way to pointe.

Demi-pointe allowing dancers to work on the strength and stability of the arch. The shoes are usually made of canvas or soft leather and the insole can be either drop or full. The demi-drop tip is often used by professionals, while the whole one is often recommended for first courses as it allows you to work better on the instep.

Demi-pointe are especially suited to younger dancers or those still preparing for the full pointe shoe job.

It is important that dancers wear the correct demi pointe to ensure proper support and comfort during lessons and performances. Proper fitting of shoes is essential to ensure they fit the foot correctly and provide the required level of support.